Wood Burning OutDoor Furnace Plan

Reduce or Eliminate your heating bills!

This OutDoor Furnace (ODF) design can provide some real relief from high winter heating costs.

This comprehensive package is a printable production type drawing set which you use to "Build-It-Yourself". The ODF is built with common materials and components.  
(The materials and components you find to use can be new, used, or surplus).

The price of gas & oil is only getting higher!

Order your ODF plans today!

Efficient compact design saves on your firewood supply.
Lighter weight, less expensive, easier to build and handle. No connections to the existing system. Can be used 'alongside' any other type of existing heating system. No antifreeze or liquids that can leak, slush, or freeze. No stealing heat from the house or wasting valuable firewood or electricity just to keep hundreds of gallons of liquid from freezing during the many days when the ODF isn't even needed. No expensive liquid heat exchanger. Don't opt for complexity. This system is as simple as it gets!

 There's no reason not to do this!
 This ODF can be built for about $750 ;

(Depending on the cost savings success of your new/ used/ surplus materials search)
It can more than pay for itself in the first season.
 This system can typically save $2000 in LP home heating costs each year.

JUST- Procure the purchased parts per the master list.
Procure raw materials and fab the piece parts per the detail drawings.
Fab the weldments per the weldment drawings.
Assemble it all per the assembly drawings.
It's that easy.
A help file is included for assistance).

 As described. Smooth transaction. AAA+++
 Great seller++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 Plans are very good!!!!
 A straightforward deal. 5 stars.

And from a happy Michigan customer :
"Nice plans... Works great... This thing works like a champ."

This ODF concept can also be used in OUTBUILDINGS, SHEDS, or GARAGES.

Most heating fuel prices have all gone wild;  LP and Natural Gas, Corn, Pellets, etc.  -- but your firewood source IS STILL FREE and more eco-friendly than using gas, as trees are replaceable! The value of your time spent cutting your own firewood can be worth $40 to $60 per hour or more at current LP gas prices!


File types in this package are:  .txt, .doc, .pdf, .jpg, & .avi.


Sold for private single use by purchaser - homeowner.
All items are copyright.


Package can be supplied as an easy .zip data file attachment sent by email - FREE S&H
 or is available (worldwide) on CD with the addition of a small S&H & copy charge.



Additional Information:
Raw materials for the ODF can often be bought at scrap prices. Many purchased components can be found in places such as eBay or Surplus Supply Dealers online (some suggested resource links are included).

The package also contains helpful info on different types of firewood & heat values, general money saving heating tips, as well as operation and maintenance of the ODF.

There are included links to our free helpful (but optional) assembly-explosion .avi videos and 3-D models and a download link to an easy to use 3-D program that allows you to view and rotate, explode the model, measure, do cross sectional views, make parts transparent to see inside, and more, even mark-up and save the file!
The Videos & 3-D Models can be downloaded to your PC!
A very thorough package-
The entire package is 132 files/ links/ etc. which includes 64 drawings (one is an easy to follow electrical schematic). Over 9 MB total.

Professional Grade Drawings Such as those used by manufacturing companies.
Super easy to read Ordinate Dimensioning.
Clear indented structure parts lists on the drawings.

Flat pattern dimensions included for formed parts.
Drawings include isometric views for easier reading.

141328.PDF (detail)
141338.PDF (weldment)
141376.PDF (assembly)
141330.avi (assy video)
(download may take a few moments)

Get started on your ODF today!

Protect yourself from a situation like the one in '08 - '09 when a trade dispute between Russia and the Ukraine cut off the heating gas supply to parts of the E.U. for WEEKS in mid WINTER! With the financial trouble being seen worldwide this could happen anywhere. EVEN in the USA! Be sure you have a backup system this winter!

The ODF is Outdoors, so the firewood, the ash and smoke, all stay out of the building! 

This ODF is a simple and efficient, forced air, stand-alone, temperature controlled, outdoor furnace which can completely suspend the operation of the building's existing furnace. Situated behind the building at a recommended min 12' away, the ODF circulates cold / warm air between the ODF and the building. Output sized for buildings in the 2300 sq ft gross living area range plus partial heat to basement (of ~1300 sq ft).


A typical home gas furnace can supply 125,000 BTU/Hr but usually only runs about 1/4 of the time in the winter, cycling on and off many times per day. The ODF supplies approx 1/4 of that heat rate or 35,000 BTU/Hr, but since the ODF runs continuously (when fueled) the heat output of the ODF would be about equal to that of a gas furnace if either were used for a full 24 hour average winter day.

The ODF spends no idle time wasting firewood for a building not calling for heat. Nor does it waste firewood sending excessive heat into the building. Therefore, with this design approach, on the occasional very cold days, some assistance from the existing furnace may be called for. This is much preferable to burning an extra cord or two of firewood all winter just to have extra capacity for the rare few very cold days. The ODF is designed to run at a 'happy medium'.

The ODF firebox volume is 15 cubic ft. The size of the enclosure is
67" H X 53" L X 40" W. The ODF has a run time of 12 to 30 hours.
(Depending on your firewood density)

The more you use the ODF the smaller your heating bill is going to be.
Use it as much or as little as you like. You aren't chained to constant operation.

The ODF circulates air not liquid. A VERY BIG PLUS. If the fire goes out, no problem, you never have to worry about the ODF freezing! Just restart it whenever you wish.

Intended for the home shop enthusiast with good metalworking and welding skills and some electrical & mechanical ability. The package is supplied as computer media (drawing files) using common industry drafting conventions.
Estimated fabrication time is 80 hours.

This ODF as documented will have two steel sheets approx 48 x 96 x 1/8" which will need to be roll formed by your local metal service shop.
(These are the main and most expensive items -- these have been done for around $280 including material for the pair by our local shop that was glad to help us).
This cylindrical design reduces welding by 75% and improves flow and efficiency over typical square sided furnaces.

The rest of the fab'ed parts can be made in a reasonably equipped home metal shop.

Recommended TOOL LIST:
All common metalworking hand tools.
TIG or MIG wire welder (not a stick welder).
Small tap & die set.
Metal cutting band saw.
Grinders (bench & portable)
Cut off saws
Jig saw
Concrete leveling tools
Small pickup or trailer to move items.
The main (bare firebox) weldment will weigh ~ 415 lbs.

Helpful but optional:

Plasma cutter

Roll / shear / brake

Pop riveter

Oxy-acetylene torch

I/R laser thermometer (for performance checking)

Use some of this design or all of it. It's your project and your ultimate creation!

The above ground heat transfer tunnel option (as shown in the cad picture) is 'exploded out' in this package to show individual parts but is not 'detail dimensioned' due to the custom nature of installations.

Below ground 
(hidden) heat transfer is also possible but is not covered by this package.
Some of the fastener selection & applications are also left to the users preference.

The building's existing heating system must be kept operational and fueled for times when the ODF is not being operated. The ODF can fully 'stand-in' for the existing furnace with attention to stoking and as long as electricity (or generator power) is available.

This file package requires a free PDF reader from
http://www.adobe.com/downloads/ .
Other file types are common .txt, .jpg, .avi, and .doc (which most PC's can already open).


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