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The EASY-DRY boot dryer. Here's a great item for anyone who ever gets their boots, shoes, or gloves wet. The EASY-DRY boot dryer is constructed of tough thick wall ABS. It has no moving parts or electric cords like other dryers on the market which actually produce very little heat and move very little air (and as a result are very slow drying!) Alternatively you set the EASY-DRY on one of your forced air heating (or A/C) floor vents*, place your boots, shoes, or gloves on top of the ported tubes, and in as little as one or two hours they are dry and cozy! Great for families with children. About 1/3 the cost of others on the market.
Assembles in seconds. Easily disassemble for storage.


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* EASY-DRY requires a forced air heating system or central air conditioning floor vent. Drying times vary but Easy-Dry can dry items very quickly depending on dampness and cycle time / temperature of air vent system. Check and remove items as soon as they are dry. Air flow can be regulated simply by moving EASY-DRY partially off from vent.