Protector Cargo Tray (single)

Price only: $24.95 
(+ $17.90 shipping each unit)
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is proud to offer the Protector Cargo Tray.
This item provides much needed carpet protection when carrying paints, groceries, potted plants, dirty boots, pets, hunting or fishing game, and many other types of messy cargo. Protecting your carpet preserves the value of your vehicle. This affordable tray can even be used to protect your expensive custom fit carpet protectors!


The Protector Cargo Tray works great in cars, SUVs, and extended body minivans*. It's nearly universal! The overall size of the tray is 21.25" x 35.5" x 2.5" and it's made of heavy gauge tough yet lightweight ABS plastic. It has non-skid Velcro pads on the bottom surface to keep it in place in the cargo area.

The Protector Cargo Tray protects your vehicle investment and
simplifies cleanup, saving you time and effort.

No assembly required. Fast installation & removal.

*works in standard minivans also with a row of seats removed.


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CASE of 12 - Protector Cargo Trays
(packed in brown craft carton)

Price only: $147.00 
(only $12.25 each)
(+ $33.95 shipping each case)
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