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Plate-Box breadboard electronics display-enclosure.
(excellent alternative to the common 'project box')

A great way to preserve and protect your permanent or semi-permanent breadboard  electronics projects.

Clear top allows viewing of lights and displays below.

Open sides allow access to headers, connectors and switches on your boards without all the difficulty of cutting holes in the box by hand, precisely sized and located to the board inside.

Rubber foot pads can be screwed through or drilled for mounting to a flat surface.

All 4 edges of the lower plate have holes to secure I/O wires with wire ties 

Place your adhesive backed small breadboard inside (or if you prefer there is room inside to drill and mount an Aduino Uno, Raspberry Pi, perf boards etc - you supply the board & mounting hardware for these).

Give your projects a strikingly professional appearance!

laser-cut upper and lower .08 thick acrylic plates
four 35mm long threaded standoffs
eight screws for standoffs
four adhesive backed rubber foot pads.

Assembly required.

Breadboard and electronic devices in example pictures are NOT included.

Size: ~4.75"L x 3.75"W x 1.88"H  $6.00 each
 Shipping and handling of $2.95 will be added.
(Plus $1 for each additional unit).